G-Paws Pet GPS

G-Paws is a world leader in developing GPS devices for companion pets.  All our units link to our web and apps giving pet owners a unique insight into their animal’s lives.  SO if you have ever been curious as to where your cat wanders at night, or just how far your dog runs when off the lead, G-Paws is what you need.

G-Paws GPS activity monitors

All G-Paws Track units use a high-sensitivity multi channel GPS receiver that records location every 10s.  The internal Lithium Polymer Battery will give each device eight-hours record time.  The device is equipped with a motion sensor so it only records on the move, meaning a device should only need to be charged once a day (at the most).

G-Paws Track attaches to any size pet collar via a soft silicone-rubber sleeve which has been designed to stay on a collar, your pet wont even know it’s there.

The recorded pet adventures are uploaded from the unit to G-Paws.com via the supplied USB data cable which doubles as a charging cable.  A profile on G-Paws.com is completely free and users can attach unlimited pets to each profile.  Once created users can record, save and share all their pet’s adventures.