£30.00 GBP

The next generation GPS pet tracker

Ever wondered what your cat gets up to on the other side of the catflap? Is your moggie coming back smelling of perfume or is he getting larger despite you feeding him less? There is no doubt the secret life of cats has always been a complete mystery to their owners, until now!  We've developed an affordable GPS data logger which will tell you exactly when and where your favourite fur ball is hanging out.  Cats are most active when their owners are hunkered down for the night, so G-Paws is the perfect solution to get a better understanding of your cat and what they get up to.

But it’s not just for cat owners. Do you pay for a dog walker but haven’t a clue how much exercise your pooch is getting? Or do you just want to know how far and fast your dog travels for boasting rights in the pub?

G-Paws Track Features :

  • Accurately records where your pet goes
  • Upload, view and share the route on G-Paws.com
  • See the routes on aerial photography or street level mapping to accurately see exactly where your pet has been. 
  • Records for six+ hours and includes a motion sensor so it only records whilst your pet is on the move (greatly increasing the battery life)
  • Integrate your account with other social network platforms


What’s in the box:

  • G-Paws GPS data recorder 12g
  • A housing sleeve to fit any collar size
  • USB cable to charge and transfer the data from the unit to G-Paws.com

G-Paws was invented by a cat owner who simply wanted to know where his cat was wondering in the twilight hours. Since its launch thousands of cat and dog owners have gained an amazing insight into what their pets are getting up to, including leading duplicitous lives! Visit g-paws.com to have a look at some of the amazing journeys our pets get up to or visit our Facebook page and join our Twitter feed.